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  1. Vudoshakar says:
    Jul 22,  · I have a few albums that are split apart in iTunes. I have checked and double-checked that title of album, artist, genre, date of album, etc. are exactly the same in both. Yet the albums will not merge. Any tips other than the usual "check to see that everything is consistent".
  2. Dailkis says:
    Oct 31,  · Select all the tracks that should be listed as a single album, then Get Info (Command+I) on them. If the album titles are identical, the Album field will show the title. If they are not, the field will appear with a light-grey “Mixed” label, or a dash in small fields. In this case, type or paste the album title as you would like it to be.
  3. Kazratilar says:
    Done, you have successfully converted a full album mp3 to the tracks that made it in a automated way, without recompensing and lose quality, using two portable software that can be easily deleted after use and don't need administrator privileges to install or use.
  4. Fenris says:
    May 12,  · Sometime when you rip a CD, or otherwise add an album to iTunes, its tracks aren’t correctly grouped together as a single album. It may show as two, three, or more separate albums. If you look at the tags, they are all the same, but somehow, iTunes doesn’t think they belong together.
  5. Zulkikora says:
    You can convert the output into any audio formats. It has three types of processes for splitting; by time, size, and section. For example, if you have a file of a concert performance, you split the track into multiple tracks according to the songs. It has a Multi-thread split technology that gives you .
  6. Yozil says:
    Feb 03,  · This enables you to split a large audio file that contains multiple music tracks. If you rip an audio CD to one large MP3 file, then this tool is a good option for creating individual tracks. You can then use an ID3 tag editor to add track identifying information—an essential step if you want to know what each song is called.
  7. Bajin says:
    Aug 10,  · I think if you are going to master an album (and not a single) then it's CRITICAL to master the tracks all at once - because one of the most essential elements of mastering is not only making sure each track sounds the best it can, but also that the flow of the album from track to track has been optimized - which means placing each of the tracks in the context of the tracks that follow and.
  8. Kele says:
    Mar 29,  · How to Master Audio. Mastering is the very last step of the mixing process before a song is released. The end goal achieves a few different things: to make the track sound professional on a variety of speakers, to increase the volume of.

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